We had the awesome opportunity to go to Loganville Middle School’s UBO (Undercover Bullying Officer) meeting this week. What an amazing group of students committed to creating a culture where no student has to be bullied or feel alone!
We taught students a skill to keep from being a target: The Bully Repellent Walk. Research tells us that body language makes up more than 50% of our communication to others. Knowing that, we practiced walking with confidence: with head up and shoulders back. Even when we don’t feel confident, walking in this way sends the message that “I deserve respect”. The student volunteers did a great job of demonstrating this “on the runway” for the group.

Huge thanks to Ed Glauser and Sharon Sellers, the fantastic counselors at LMS for allowing us to be a part of such an innovative group. We can’t wait to hear how they impact their campus and community!

Check out this Youtube video below for one student’s response to bullying:

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