Mosaic celebrates two of our favorite organization leaders!

There’s a lot of negativity out there.  Hopefully, this little celebration will help to counteract the hard news coming across your feed today.  

Monday, April 23, two things happened that tipped the scales of justice and goodness in the positive direction:  Anna Blount of Team Up Mentoring and Nancy Burgess of A Child’s Voice Child Advocacy Center were both honored as Unsung Heroes by the Walton County Tribune.  We believe so much in these women and in the services they provide to the community, and we are proud to partner with them!

Anna Blount has been a friend of Mosaic since the beginning.  She began this organization in her hometown of Monroe to serve kids from 4-21 years old with ACE scores of 7 and above (for information on ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences, click here).  Anna and her team provide wraparound services for these kids and their families, including mentoring, academic support, transportation to medical, dental and counseling services, a Teen Leadership academy, and many more services and experiences.  We have never encountered an organization this comprehensive! For more information, check them out at


Nancy Burgess is the director of A Child’s Voice Child Advocacy Center in Social Circle.  She and her specialized team are committed to caring for victims of child sexual abuse through forensic interviewing, providing resources within the community, caring for the non-offending caregiver and connecting all the professionals involved through hosting a monthly Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting.  Her team cares for a vulnerable population in crisis with dignity, competence and passion. To learn more, check out their website at


Nancy and Anna, we are so proud to stand with you!